Bloke who accidentally discovers Hockey on TV for the first time goes viral with his comments

Bloke who accidentally discovers Hockey on TV for the first time goes viral with his comments

There’s an old adage that we often find ourselves thinking about here at Ozzy Man Reviews. A bastardised version of it basically suggests that if you’re completely f**ken clueless about the things out there in the world you don’t know about, you can’t do anything about it. That’s why it’s important to always expand your horizons, welcome new experiences and try new things. You might discover something that interests you and feel inspired to learn more about it. Check out these tweets from a bloke who’s just watched his first game of hockey to see exactly what we mean…

Rightio, first of all, this one’s been kicking around on the internet for a couple of years, but it’s always worthy of a repost simply because it just shows how welcoming new experiences can bring you a whole f**kload of joy.

Deadset, have a think about the first time you tried bacon…or haloumi, or, if you’re rich-as-f**k, avocado. There was a period there when you didn’t know what you were missing – then you tried it and you wanted to know where that sh*t had been all your life.

Keep that in mind as you take an epic journey with Tony X on Twitter. Having flicked on the television in order to watch the Cardinals play, he was confronted with a sport he’d never had the pleasure of watching before: ice-hockey.

It’s fair-dinkum to say that Tony f**ken loved it. He was googling terminology as he watched, suggesting tactics and ended up watching the game to the end and celebrating a victory.

There’s a few highlights here in the tweets, but one of the best has to be his comment that white people have been hiding Ice-Hockey from him. If that is the case, wait till he finds out about polo, tennis or the entire Winter Olympics.

Final thought: As we alluded to before, learn from Tony’s experiences and apply it to your wider life. Broaden your horizons, try new things, talk to new people and travel to new places. You never know how much you’ll love it.

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H/T: Deadspin.