Silver-medal-winning ice-skater competes using I Wanna Be Your Dog as her soundtrack…

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Silver-medal-winning ice-skater competes using I Wanna Be Your Dog as her soundtrack…

Look, we’re not gonna lie to you here, and you know that, but despite what you might think about our vast knowledge of the world, we’re pretty short on info when it comes to figure skating. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen Blades of Glory, but we don’t know much about the sport itself – and that works well here. After all, based on what we think we know, those legends are supposed to compete to classical music, pop music, and opera music, right?

Yeah, nah, maybe not. Turns out we’re wronger that a dingo’s donger. The sheila who just won silver at the Winter Olympics for her performance in the free skate program had the stezza cranking with I Wanna Be Your Dog.

Now, initially, we were more excited by the idea that this might be the original version by The Stooges. It turns out that it was a cover from the Cruella soundtrack, but that s**t doesn’t matter. All rocking pop tunes are a gateway to the good stuff if you step through the door and take the left-hand path. Yeah, nah, they are.

Anyway, we’ve just realised that after a Friday night midstrength or two, we’ve neglected to give you the sheila’s name, so let us circle back. The athlete in question is bloody Alexandra Trusova, and at seventeen years of age, you can’t blame her for not using the original. It’s probably older than her parents.

Mind you, we’re assuming she hasn’t. She may well be all over that s**t. Anyway, it was a bloody big day for her. Despite landing silver for a stellar performance, she missed out on gold after her performances earlier in the week and she’s not happy.

She finished the day by announcing that she was done with skating. “I hate skating. I hate it. I hate this sport. I will never skate again. Never.”

Apparently, when she was later asked about her reaction, she claimed, “I’ve been three weeks alone without my mom, my dogs. So I cry.”

And nothing’s more punk rock than brutal honesty. Love your work, Alexandra. Love it. Go home, crank the stezza, listen to some classic punk and just f**ken rage out. Yeah, nah, we’ve all gotta do it from time to time.

Final thought: Look, we know some might be like, yeah, but it’s the Disney version, but so what. A great song’s a great song no matter who covers it. This s**t rocks. So does the performance. Give it a horns-up in the comments section!

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