Bloke takes protective masks to the next level with bloody genius design

Credit: Mark W Gray

Bloke takes protective masks to the next level with bloody genius design

If you’ve ever looked at an old aqualung and thought f**k yes, that’s exactly what I need in this Covid-stricken world we live in, we’ve got good bloody news. A bloke on the internet has built one. Deadset, once you have a look at this video, you’ll wonder why you even bothered with one of those simple and convenient masks they sell at the chemist…

Rightio the bloke responsible for this bloody doozy of a mask can be found on TikTok.

He goes by the user name of Markw.gray20, and we’ve gotta be honest, we kinda reckon this thing’s all right.

Credit: Mark W Gray

Yeah, nah, we like the Mysterio look and reckon it’s the perfect match between playing it safe and pretending you’re an astronaut.

Anyway, we’re waffling.

Bloody Mark starts off by pointing out that everyone bloody hates masks. And while we reckon there are probably some sensible caveats to add to that, we get the idea that they are pretty uncomfortable and hot if you’re not used to them.

Credit: Mark W Gray

Still, if the choice is wearing a mask or any other safe option in a society that’s full of easily transmittable viruses, we’ll take another safe option.

Mark’s suggestion is f**ken mintox.

Have a squiz.

“This is what I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks,” he says. “It’s the ultimate in personal protective equipment.”

Credit: Mark W Gray

And he’s not wrong. With four fans – filtered to stop the germs from being spread inside and outside of the fishbowl – a stereo microphone, earphones, and an external speaker to make it easy for other people to hear the wearer speaking, it’s the kind of thing you can expect to see all over the shop over the next few weeks.

Yeah, nah, we dig it.

Final thought: Obviously, this thing’s pretty cool in a boutique kinda way, but we’re not sure how it’d cope in the Australian summer. We reckon it might need a couple of layers of tinting to make the sun even slightly bearable. Anyway, let us know if you’d wear it. See you in the comments section.

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Video Link: Mark W.Gray