Atlanta Hawks Mascot Crushes His Nuts On A Rail

Atlanta Hawks Mascot Crushes His Nuts On A Rail

When a bloke hurts his ballsack it’s no laughing matter…

We all say that, but gee whiz it’s funny as fuck.

Nah oi nah yeah nah nah oi nah it’s not funny… I can’t stop laughing at this.

We have two different camera angles available to us at the moment.

We have what was shown on TV in which you’ll catch a glimpse of the fella poling himself at the bottom of the screen. And then there is a crowd version that someone shot on their phone. Bloody hell I love the internet.

Below is professional camera angle one.

Keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to see the incident:

Fuck sake. It’s so childish and simple and I won’t deny I can’t stop laughing at that footage. The TV show “Ow! My Balls!” from the movie Idiocracy should become a reality already.

Aaaaaand now we have camera angle number two:

The bloke would be regretting that decision to the max.

Why did he even attempt such a daring jump? Surely his vision is impaired by the bulbous hawk head? Was there a sheila nearby he wanted to impress?

I hope he has a speedy recovery and a good support structure around him at the Atlanta Hawks. He’s gonna have a rough couple of days nursing the family jewels.

Godspeed mascot fella. Godspeed.