Arts & Craft Project Ends In Michael Bay Explosion

Arts & Craft Project Ends In Michael Bay Explosion

I enjoy a bit of bloody arts and craft in my life.

The blokes at Uncle Rob are pushin’ the boundaries of art and occupational health and safety with their latest video.

They are informing the world how to whip up some art with your kids on a Sunday arvo nice and quickly.

All ya need to cover the canvas is some spray bottles, an old school lawnmower, and a decent throwing arm.

Given the outcome of the video you may want some fucken safety glasses as well.

Ok, yeah nah yeah, I’m not outright recommending you go and try this. I doubt Uncle Rob sincerely is either.

Chaotic video is below.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

What do you reckon?

Are they going to make paint brushes redundant or naaaaah?

Lemme know if any of you guys end up trying this with the kids on the weekend…

It was nice to see the bloke with the Darth Vader mask had some consideration for safety.

I reckon I’ll stick to aimless doodling ey.