72 Year Old Granny Devastated After Her Young Nigerian Husband Was Denied Visa

72 Year Old Granny Devastated After Her Young Nigerian Husband Was Denied Visa

Grandma’s love Facebook. They get to see pictures of their family, share recipes, cat videos and heal cancer through shares and likes. And, for Angela Nwachukwu, Facebook was also good for another thing: meeting her new husband.

It’s the classic love story. A 72-year-old-woman friends a 27-year-old from Nigeria.

They message each other, leave lots of comments and then get married after just three months. And they say romance is dead.

Angela Nwachukwu lives in the UK. In April 2015 she married CJ Nwachukwu from Nigeria.


“He was so handsome, with big, brown eyes and a body to match. We chatted for hours about our families and hobbies. It was like we’d known each other for years. Before I knew it, we were messaging daily. Despite our huge age gap, we got on really well. I couldn’t help it and began to develop feelings for him. I tried to stop myself.”

After CJ proposed to her over Skype (true love knows no bounds, or international mobile plans) she said yes. The first time they ever met was at their wedding in Lagos, Nigeria.

She has so far spent over £20,000 on lawyers to apply for visas as well as two trips to Nigeria. And, according to her, he plans on paying for his half as soon as he can. And although they say you can’t stop true love, the UK government has done just that by denying CJ’s visa.


According to the rules, ‘Spouses applying to move to be with their partners have to prove they can support themselves and their partners, and they have to have been living with them for two years.’

But Angela isn’t giving up just yet. The next step is for her hubby to apply for a student visa for a Masters.

Yes, love may be blind. But the UK immigration policies are not.

On the bright side, this grandma was able to find her prince charming. A nigerian prince. Now where have I heard that before . . .


H/T: Daily Mail