Hugh Jackman Reveals His “Don’t Try This At Home” For ‘Logan’

Hugh Jackman Reveals His “Don’t Try This At Home” For ‘Logan’

Hugh Jackman is an absolute beast. If you know anything about the Australian-born actor and singer then you know he’s taken on some hardcore action roles over the course of his career.

Hunting scores of blood sucking vampires in “Van Helsing”, piloting giant fighting robots in “Real Steel” and hacking into computers in “Swordfish”, Jackman has shown he’s a jack of all trades when it comes to action movies. His most iconic role comes off the back of the resurgence of comic book superhero films, with X-Men’s Wolverine being his defining role as an actor.

Jackman is literally jacked, man. Since taking on the role of Wolverine all the way back in 2000 he has appeared as the mutton-chopped razor fisted superhero eight times. That’s SEVENTEEN years of having to stay in peak physical shape. Just what do you have to do to get ready to play Wolverine?

The deadlift that brought me into the 1000lb Club.

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Besides lifting crazy amounts of weights and eating like a monster, Jackman followed a weight cut regime very similar to a mixed martial artist’s last days before weigh-ins. Speaking with Stephen Colbert, Jackman revealed he would drink up to 11 liters of water per day, then he wouldn’t drink a single drop of water for 36 hours before appearing on camera.

Check out the transformation!

Check out the transformation!

“You lose like 10 pounds of water weight,” said Jackman. “Don’t do this at home.”

Appearing gaunt and undernourished is no mean feat for Jackman, who played prisoner Jean Valjean in the film version of Les Miserables.

“I’d already shed 20 pounds, through exercise and a very lean diet, before I embarked on that 36-hour period in which I drank nothing and ate very little and I knew I was pushing myself and my body to the limit,” he said when speaking to MailOnline.

“The non-consumption of liquids is a very clever bodybuilders’ trick for giving one sunken cheeks and sunken eyes and, boy, did it work. Maybe just a little too well.”

Check out Hugh Jackman’s interview with Stephen Colbert below:

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