YouTuber’s hand-made dinosaur, Kaiju and pop-culture dioramas are f**ken amazing!

Credit: Boiz Smith

YouTuber’s hand-made dinosaur, Kaiju and pop-culture dioramas are f**ken amazing!

We’ve said this a tonne of times on this site, but we’re big nerds at heart. When it comes to the cool s**t, we’re like boys who never grew up. Fast cars, dinosaurs, f**ken comic-books, we love it all, and when we see someone online who clearly shares the shame passions, we wanna share it with you. That’s why, when we saw these bloody awesome dioramas on YouTube, we had to give you a squiz.

Yeah, nah, we did. We even reached out to the man behind BOIZ Creator TV, Boiz Smith, and asked him a few questions. Before we get into that, though, you can find the bloke’s YouTube channel here. When you do, you’ll see some seriously f**ken awesome dioramas of classic dinosaurs, awesome Kaiju, and even a few comic-book characters.

We first came across Boiz’s art when we were scrolling through YouTube watching dudes make cool clay sculptures and s**t like that, when out of nowhere we see this f**ken hectic diorama of Godzilla attacking the Titanic. It turns out there was a whole video detailing the making of it, and it’s pretty bloody clever.

Boiz, who studied art in California reckons the appeal of stuff like this is ‘the unexpected clashes without warning.’ And we’re inclined to agree. After all, how much better would the Titanic movie be if it wasn’t an iceberg causing the destruction but f**ken Godzilla! One moment, you’d have Leo saying he’s on top of the world, and the next you’d have Godzilla just f**king him up with his atomic breath!

Initially, Boiz started by crafting castles and forts, but he reckons he had to move onto Kaiju. “If you want to make a detailed castle model, you need to make it big. That doesn’t leave much space to continue making miniatures of streams, forests, trees, or big animals. Also, I really liked the Kaiju theme, so I stopped making model castles even though it was quite successful.”

Boiz’s Kaiju and pop-culture art obviously features some well-known franchises, but he doesn’t stop with Godzilla and cinematic universe stuff, though. Yeah, nah, don’t get us wrong, his Carnage and King Shark models are bloody bonza, but check out his own interpretation of the Deinosuchus.

He reckons, “The prehistoric crocodile Deinosuchus is a model I created myself based on fossils scientists have recovered.” Now, you know we love a crocodiliac as much as any full-blooded Australian, and we’ve gotta say that this one’s a f**ken beast!

In his model, Boiz has got an unsuspecting couple just dangling their feet above the water while the monster comes in. Here’s the thing, though, while the model itself hints at some pure chaos, the detail in it is immense. Watch the video to see him painstakingly create it.

“It takes me about 10-15 days to complete a work, sometimes even longer,” he says. “The more serious the idea is, the more time it takes,” and this is a pretty detailed idea. He starts with clay and resin, but by the time he’s done, it’s a still-life shot.

As you can see from the images here, Smith has covered a pretty decent swathe of Kaiju and monstrous designs – including a mintox King Kong fighting a mire squid – but he’s not done there. “The monster universe is very large and each country has its own myths. I’ll gradually incorporate them into my works.” After all, “What can’t be done when we have Google!”

Of course, that led us to our final question. Obviously, we wanted to know what’s next. The answer is one that’s going to give Kaiju nerds everywhere big stiffies – and if they’re not capable of that, it’ll still get ’em all tingly downstairs.

“The next is a fight between Godzilla and Cthulhu. You are the first to know about this!” And we’ve gotta say, we love that we’ve got the scoop for you blokes and sheilas right here. Yeah, nah, we do. We love it, and we reckon this one might just be the best yet!

Anyway, give the YouTube channel and Insta a bit of a subscribe if you dig this s**t. Whether you’re in it for the craft or the sheer joy of seeing stuff like this brought to life, it seems like Boiz has got plenty more to come!

Final thought: Yeah, we don’t know about you, but when it comes to artistic endeavours, we don’t reckon there’s anything as f**ken awesome as seeing someone follow their passions and execute their ideas with a bit of skill. We reckon Boiz certainly does that. Don’t you?

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Video Link: BOIZ Creator TV