‘World’s Loneliest Killer Whale’ filmed bashing head against enclosure as a result of stress

Credit: Phil Demers

‘World’s Loneliest Killer Whale’ filmed bashing head against enclosure as a result of stress

Yeah, f**k, we’re gonna start this one off with a bit of a trigger warning. We know a lot of you f**kers out there in the comments section love animals as much as we do. As a result, this s**t will p**s you off. It certainly p****s us off. It’s really not nice footage, but it needs to be seen. Kiska, ‘the world’s loneliest killer whale’ has been without companionship since 2011 when all the other members of her family died, and now, she’s taken to repeatedly bashing her head against the enclosure.

Look, straight up, this is f**ken depressing. It doesn’t seem too hard a concept to grasp that an animal that’s used to roaming the open ocean with a whole group of mates and acquaintances won’t like being trapped alone for years on end.

Yeah, nah, deadset, we all know that f**ken cetaceans are smart creatures, and we also know that putting people into isolation is a f**ked move. We reckon the same can be said for doing it to whales.

Anyway, the footage was captured at MarineLand in Ontario by activists and shared online by Phil Demers. Demers used to work at the joint, but he’s since left and started to campaign for freedom for the likes of Kiska.

Kiska was initially captured in Icelandic waters back in 1979, but for a lot of that time, she had company. She’s been stuck at the park alone since 2011 when all the other orcas she knew – including her five children – died.

Demers tweeted the footage, saying, “This video was taken on Sept 4th, 2021. Anti-captivity activists entered MarineLand and observed Kiska, their last surviving orca bashing her head against the wall. Please watch and share. This cruelty must end. #FreeKiska.”

He then shared a second clip, saying, “Another angle. This is dangerous and self-harming behaviour. Kiska is in distress.”

He reckons, “I want to see Kiska taken to an interim facility with other orcas until the Whale Sanctuary Project (in Nova Scotia) is built. Visitors can support find the Whale Sanctuary as well as support animal abuse whistleblowers at The Whale Sanctuary Project.”

We hope, for Kiska’s sake, that he gets his wish.

Final thought: Rightio, ya big f**ken legends. Let us know what you reckon about this? Should Kiska go free? We certainly think there’s gotta be a better solution than leaving her to suffer. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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