Texas Mayor holding press conference forgets to mute mic when taking toilet break

Credit: Twitter/@Nishaburiya/Huffington Post

Texas Mayor holding press conference forgets to mute mic when taking toilet break

If you’ve seen the ‘Poor Jennifer’ video, you’re probably already aware of some of the things that can go wrong when you work from home. However, we reckon that just pointing your camera away isn’t enough. Yeah, nah, you still need to turn off your microphone. Especially if your bathroom orchestra is on point. Have a watch of this classic vid to remind yourself exactly why you need to come off the call entirely if you’re gonna lay some cable…

Credit: Twitter/Rex Chapman

Rightio, before you go getting ahead of yourself and telling us this is old news, we reckon we’ve covered that pretty thoroughly. Still, though, this particular video has come back into the public consciousness, even if it’s not actually about coronavirus, and is, in fact, about five years old.

Anyway, the video in question concerns Texas Mayor Dale Ross taking a dunny break while council is in session. Unfortunately for him, there are high winds in the restroom on the day…and he’s forgotten to turn his mic off.

Credit: Twitter/@Nishaburiya

For what it’s worth, we’re not sure if all of the farts in the video we’re watching are real or not, but even if only a couple of them are, you’ve got all the reason you need to ensure your recording equipment doesn’t come anywhere near your s**tter.

Yeah, nah, you definitely don’t want to be in a business meeting while you rip your best material. Don’t get us wrong, it’s your house, and we all know that it’s better out than in, but you’ve gotta be at least a little couth about it.

Tell us that’s not the face of a man who’s just ripped some serious beef. Credit: Huffington Post

Final thought: Fair dinkum, we reckon there could be some pretty funny videos doing the rounds over the next few months. Just think about all those people who went hoarding tinned food. At some point, they’re gonna have to eat all those baked beans. And we all know what that means.

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