What A Huge Tornado Coming At You Looks Like

What A Huge Tornado Coming At You Looks Like

This video is truly fucken terrifying.

I live in a part of the world (Perth, Australia) where the weather never gets too out of hand.

It’s mostly sunny. A couple of times in winter we have a lot of rain and thunder and lose our shit over that. We excitedly tell everyone about the fact we had a storm. We have far more troubles with bushfires in summer, not tornadoes in winter.

So I’ve never been close to anything like this before is what I’m sayin’.

The fella filming is lucky to be alive. He’s been through hell, so I’m not gonna get judgemental on his decision to stay at the house.

You can read more about his experience in the text at the beginning of the video, which also offers advice if you end up in a situation like this. Video below:

Crikey. Absolutely terrifying.

I can barely imagine what it would be like getting stuck in one of those things.

Like with bushfires here in Oz it’s always tough to make the call when to leave the house, but gee whiz, I reckon you just gotta make such a call sooner rather later.

Cheers to Clem Schultz for having the courage to share your experience and video, mate.