Vegan ‘influencer’ gets caught eating fish and awkwardly tries to hide it on camera

Credit: Vegan Bean

Vegan ‘influencer’ gets caught eating fish and awkwardly tries to hide it on camera

Look, we all know that one bloke – even if it’s usually a sheila – who claims to be a vegetarian or a vegan but eats f**ken fish or chicken because it’s not ‘meat’. It f**ks us how that one works, but you know, fair go and each to their own. And, to be honest, good on ‘em. At Ozzy Man Reviews, we reckon that you need to do you. But, and it’s a pretty f**ken big but, if you’re making money off of saying you’re something, then you really need to put that money where your mouth is and back your s**t up.

That’s a f**ken fish! And it’s not even raw! Matter of fact, it’s not a f**ken vegetable either! Credit: Vegan Bean

Of course, we’re only mentioning this because of a recent turn of events that’s rocked the vegan world to its pasty and malnourished core. A vegan ‘influencer’ – and by f**k do we hate that word – has been busted eating fish.

That’s actually blended tree frogs. Credit: Rawvana YouTube

That broccoli? Marinated in beef stock. Credit: Rawvana YouTube

Yeah, yeah, we know, shock f**ken horror, someone on the internet’s full of s**t. Usually people shilling products online are honourable and decent folk, so vegans aren’t the only ones who’ve been let down here. But, anyway, getting back to the story, Yovana Mendoza Ayres, who sells raw vegan diet plans to her legion of followers has really trod in the proverbial dog-shit.

Credit: Rawvana YouTube

Yep, it turns out she’s not as bloody vegan as she’s been claiming to be. She eats fish and she even eats eggs. It’s barbaric. Of course, what’s really got her followers pissy isn’t just the fact she’s been telling pork-pies about her bloody diet, but the fact her apology shows that she’s been eating the s**t while pretending to be a raw vegan.

Credit: Rawvana YouTube

In her apology, she details the fact she’d been ordered to eat the protein-rich food because her vegan diet had f**ked her up so badly that she’d stopped getting her monthly visitor. That in itself should get the alarm bells ringing, but while she claims she’d originally tried to go against the doctor’s wishes and opt for vegan alternatives, she just couldn’t make it happen.

In the meantime, she’s been profiting from her ‘healthy’ vegan diet. Understandably, people are pissed.

Credit: Twitter/J7Rod29

Final thought: The real moral here isn’t really about what she’s eating if you ask us. If someone wants to eat meat, that’s all well and good. If they don’t, they don’t have to. S**t, this one’s not even about vegans who interrupt people trying to enjoy their steak, it’s quite literally about having some integrity and sticking to your guns. If the diet you’re selling has f**ked you up, perhaps you should let people know and stop selling it.

Have a squiz of her trying to cover her plate on this video:

And now check out her apology:

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Video Link: Rawvana YouTube