Bloke cancels wedding after he found out how his fiance treated their pet dog

Bloke cancels wedding after he found out how his fiance treated their pet dog

Human relationships are a bloody complex kettle of fish. There’s so much on the line when you’re giving someone your all that it can be hard to have definitive boundaries in a relationship that’s existed for a long period of time. A recent post on Reddit has called into question just when you should call it quits with someone. Deep down, we probably all know the answer is ‘when you feel like it,’ but there’s a lot more to it – particularly if your relationship has evolved into betrothal or marriage…

This one’s a pretty interesting one to use as a case in point, but we’re gonna do it anyway.

After all, we wanna know when you blokes and blokettes reckon the axe has to fall.

Credit: u/mydogismygod0

For a bit of context, old mate in the story has left his dog with his missus for the night – and she’s taken pretty f**ken s**tty care of it.

Not his dog, but it’s cute, right? Credit: Dogster

As you can see from the story, she’s left a bunch of weed edibles and booze lying around and the dog has got his Cheech and Chong on.

Prima facie, it’s a bad judgement call. Sure, the dog’s nearly ended up kicking the f**ken bucket, but it’s an accident, right? Is it worth ending a four-year relationship over?

Credit: u/mydogismygod0

Again, the real answer suggests that if old mate doesn’t want to be with her, he should leave, but keeping it focussed on the issue at hand, it seems like his sheila has a history of making some pretty f**ken questionable choices.And we’re talking about the kind of careless and self-sabotaging choices that put others at risk.

Credit: Marylyn

To make things harder for old mate, he’s under a lot of pressure from friends and family to reconsider. Despite the fact she’s running pretty close to burning the house down, driving over some poor b**tard while she texts her friends or leaving drugs and other harmful substances where kids or pets can get to them, they all reckon old mate’s overreacting.

Credit: u/mydogismygod0

We reckon old mate needs to do what’s right for him, but no one else can make that choice. He’s got to make a decision and stick with it.

Final thought: As mentioned above, relationships are tough. They’re bloody worth it, but there are some big sacrifices entailed by both parties. There’s no denying that. Anyway, let us know if you reckon old mate made the right choice or not.

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