Two dogs go playing together and make awkward discovery

Credit: Twitter/@RebeccaStott64/@1Jamandhisdog

Two dogs go playing together and make awkward discovery

We’re just gonna come straight out with it. One of the funniest forms of unexpected comedy is quite often the surprise donger. Don’t get us wrong, we know how it sounds, but facts are facts. If one minute your doggo is fetching sticks with their best friend and the next one of them comes bounding over with a massive dildo in their mouth, you’re gonna chuckle. Anyway, that’s why this dog went viral…

Yeah, look, we know we should be more mature, but let’s face it, why would we wanna be? It’s overrated. Deadset. If we were all mature, we’d be pretending this s**t’s not funny, but the thing is, the world only presents you with so many opportunities to laugh, and this is a great big one.

It all started when award-winning author and Twitter-user Rebecca Stott took her dog Nelly for a walk. Rather than us prattle on about it, though, she’s bloody good with words, so we’ll let her tell you.

“My dog Nelly has a best dog friend called Larry. Larry has an owner called Tom who is my friend. The young dogs swim together in an idyllic spot of the river Wensum every morning. They bring back sticks to us in exchange for treats. It was all very idyllic until this happened…”

As you can see from the photo, ‘this’ is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, there were bloody loads of people with similar stories to tell. And from what we can see, dildos are a disposable item. Fair dinkum, it seems like you can’t take a dog anywhere without it finding one.

Definitely adds new meaning to the phrase ‘give a dog a bone.’

Final thought: Yeah, this has definitely got us curious. Has your dog ever found anything like this? And, no, it doesn’t count if it found it in your top drawer. Anyway, share your pics. Of your dogs. Yeah, nah, of your dogs. Of your dildogs.

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