Twerking bride in a g-banger gives groom a lap dance at wedding

Credit: Twitter

Twerking bride in a g-banger gives groom a lap dance at wedding

Twitter is pretty reasonably known as a hot-bed of debate and discussion without nuance. Yeah, nah, it’s a great little site, but if you want to have a logical take on an issue, it might not be the place. If, however, you wanna take sides in a black and white discussion about the rights and wrongs of the world, of politics, or of social norms, it’s great. If you want an example of that, have a look at this video…

Basically, this video of a twerking, lap-dancing bride in a g-banger has split audiences right down the middle. Nah, deadset, it’s almost like… well, you know what it’s like.

Anyway, the video in question features a bride known only as Rochelle strutting across to her grinning groom, giving him a lappie, and then, twerking the rest of the wedding guests into oblivion. Yeah, nah, Mum, Dad, the nieces and nephews, everyone copped an eyeful, and Twitter is divided.

One critic said, “Everything here is tacky. The twerking bridesmaids, the barefoot bride, showing [her] whole a— in front of your entire family, just one big ghetto mess.”

Another commented that, “Doing a lap dance routine for your husband wearing next to nothing in front of his closest friends and both your families is beyond ghetto lmaooo that’s not even the right word to define it yet I can’t even quantify how wildly tacky this is.”

Of course, Rochelle had her supporters too. One of which claimed, “If she wanna twerk at her wedding she can do that. You don’t wanna twerk at your wedding then don’t.”

Another supporter had a similar sentiment. They said, “Baby if you wanna twerk from the ceiling at your wedding ima hype you up.”

As for us, we’re not sure, but you know what. Each to their own. That’s what we reckon. Each to their own. Yeah, nah, deadset.

Final thought: Look, we’re not here to judge, we’re just here to present the news and let you do it. So, let us know what you reckon. Is this okay for a wedding, or should it be saved for the honeymoon? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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