Parents of Reddit reveal moments that made them realise: “I raised an idiot.”

Parents of Reddit reveal moments that made them realise: “I raised an idiot.”

When you have your first kid, it’s easy to get caught up in the awesomeness of making a tiny human. It can make ya extremely one-eyed though if your kid happens to start walking before Lil Frank next door. Or your kid knows the difference between red and green before any other tin lid. All of a sudden you reckon you’ve got a little Einstein on your hands and you’ll tell everyone that will bloody listen. 

But it doesn’t take long for that confidence to come crashing down and ya start to realize that your kid could possibly be as useless as lips on a chook. It only takes one instance of stupidity for ya to think ‘f**k, were you dropped onya noggin’ as a baby?’

Reddit recently asked parents; When did you realize you raised a bloody idiot? And some of the responses are gold.

Jesus Christ. If these little carpet grubs are our future, get me the f**k off this planet!

See I reckon she ate the cake on purpose, tired of being asked to do s**t by her mother, deliberately f**cked up so she’d never be asked again. Works on the missus too. Bloody Genius.



If you’re a parent and ya Reddit name is Juicy Big Tits, I reckon you’re partly to blame for your kid being all froth and no beer hahaha

Now this bloke below deserves some level of recognition for being committed to his education. Top marks for this Pimp I reckon.

Final Thought:

Raising kids is a tough slog. I’m of the opinion that if my kids are not complete assh**es and have a good work ethic, I’m on the right track. Having a sense of humor about the dumb s**t they do will also stand ya in good stead and stop ya from hittin’ the p**s too hard when times get tough. Let us know in the comments the stupid s**t your kids have done and let us all rejoice in the knowledge we are not alone in raising the next generation of bloody turnips.

H/T: All comments from Reddit