These social distancing pickup lines will make your bloody day!

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These social distancing pickup lines will make your bloody day!

Rightio, ya big bloody legends, let’s talk coping mechanisms for a minute or two. Obviously, some of us will just rely on our tried vices at a time like this. As long as you do you in moderation, we’re not gonna whinge about that. Still, we much prefer it when people rely on bloody humour to help ‘em get through. If that’s the kinda thing that gets your billy boiling, you might want to check out these social distancing pickup lines…

Yeah, nah, obviously, we’re not saying it’s high-brow humour or anything, but if you’ve managed to hold onto your sense of humour, this is a pretty f**ken schmick way to have a laugh at everything going on in the world.

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Like so much of the good stuff, this all came together on Twitter. We’re not sure where exactly it started, but once it got cracking there was no stopping it. And why would there be? With the most sensible governments around locking people down and trying to keep ‘em safe, most of the world’s got free time to enjoy the f**k out of this stuff.

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Of course, if you did use any of ‘em, you’d have to wait until this whole thing has blown through like a tumbleweed before you could go out on a nice date with the bloke or sheila you’ve impressed, but f**k it. It might be worth the wait.

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Anyway, have a bloody squiz and let us know which one you reckon’s the best.

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Final thought: Like always, we wanna see if we can get you legendary blokes and sheilas participating in the comments section, so if you’ve got some social distancing pickup lines of your own, f**ken get to work and turn the comments into a bloody laugh-fest.

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