These homemade masks are bloody brilliant

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These homemade masks are bloody brilliant

When you think about it, it’s kinda strange that we weren’t all clued up to the idea of facemasks and respirators at the beginning of this whole Covid-19 thing. Don’t get us wrong, we know the advice was for regular blokes and sheilas not to wear them and to save them for frontline emergency workers – which is bloody grouse – but when it comes to the homemade job, you’d have thought we’d be all over that weeks ago. Nevertheless, here we are, and now that facemasks are in, some people are making f**ken awesome ones…

Yeah, nah, we’re not gonna comment on the politics of it, and in a time when self-preservation is on the top of everyone’s list, we understand the desire to go and load up on a multi-pack of disposable facemasks.

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But, now that we know that homemade ones – so long as they’re kept clean – are effective at keeping the virus at bay – why wouldn’t jazz up a f**ken ritzy one and don that when you’re taking your risky venture into society for your essential items.

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As you can see from these pictures, the opportunities are endless. Of course, we’ve got to start with a shout out to the pop-culture references – and it goes without saying that the Alien facehuggers are pretty much the pinnacle of that. After all, why wouldn’t you want to walk around town with xenomorph f**king your face?

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But, the highest praise of all has to go to the young sheila who looked at all the facemasks and went, ‘yeah, nah, these are great and all, but if you rely on lip-reading to communicate, you’re f**ked.’ Deadset, this clever lass has designed facemasks with a transparent spot, allowing hearing impaired people to know what you’re saying.

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We guess that’s pretty important if you’ve gotta tell ‘em to run when the zombies inevitably rise from the morgues and begin the slaughter.

Final thought: Like always, we’re not ashamed of jumping on a bandwagon here. If you’ve got a mask of your own, or if you’ve seen a f**ken cool one that we haven’t covered, load up the comments section with your pics. Other than that, we’ll say ‘hooroo’ and catch you next time, ya legends.

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