A bunch of bad bosses who got F@#*EN roasted by their employees

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A bunch of bad bosses who got F@#*EN roasted by their employees

While we know that a good share of text exchange stories are bulls**t, we can’t help but love ‘em. There’s just something so rewarding about watching someone get their comeuppance in a series of text messages. When that person’s a boss who’s misjudged their power, we love it even more. And that’s what makes these exchanges so good.

We’ve all been in those situations where we have a boss who takes things too seriously or who seriously misunderstands the fact that you work to live, not live to work. Don’t get us wrong, we know that sounds like some privileged s**t, but if you’ve ever been in the situation where you’re just sick to death of a power-mad boss, you’ll love these exchanges.

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If you want obvious exchanges that show the boss is power mad, have a squiz at these exchanges that see the boss threatening to ‘chat’ to the employee about discipline. If that’s not some high school bulls**t, we don’t know what it is. If you want to see that s**t blown out to the extreme, have a look at the bosses who threaten to deny holidays or time off.

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Of course, sometimes it’s about desperation and poor organisation. For these bosses, you can almost feel sorry for them. Almost. In a way, it’s almost funny they’re so s**t at organising their workplace, but when you see how they don’t take responsibility and try to force the consequences on someone else…well, f**k those guys.

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Finally, though, there are the bosses who are just obvious assholes. Yeah, nah, it’s no secret: they exist. We’re sure you can pick ‘em from the images.

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Final thought: We know you’ve all got s**tty boss stories. Share ‘em in the comments section, and let’s all have a laugh about it. See you there, you legends.

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