The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year comp are in!

Credit: Yongqing Bao/Audun Rikardsen

The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year comp are in!

As you know, we consider ourselves real champions of the animal kingdom here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We, like most sensible people, reckon the world is bloody chockers with amazing wildlife and that with a little empathy and understanding, it’s easy to see that the lives of animals are far more entertaining and involving than you might otherwise be inclined to think. That’s why we love a bit of nature photography, and with the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Comp in, now’s the time to share the love.

The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Comp is a f**ken huge competition that’s a bit of a holy grail for wildlife photographers. This year, the 55th, saw over 48,000 entries submitted, so taking out top place in your field is a bonza achievement.

Overall Winner. Credit: Yongqing Bao

This year’s overall winner is Yongqing Bao from China. This bloody legend captured the moment a marmot realises its about to take a trip to Destination F**ked. And it’s a great photo. To capture the movement that must have been happening with such clarity is pretty bloody remarkable.

Portfolio award winner. Credit: Stefan Christmann

15 – 17 years category. Credit: Riccardo Marchegiani

Animal portraits winner. Credit: Ripan Biswas

There are plenty of other winners on display here from the various fields, including some from kids aged between 11 and 14. Not a bad start to a great career, right?

Urban wildlife winner. Credit: Charlie Hamilton

Mammals behaviour, joint winner. Credit: Ingo Arndt

Underwater winner. Credit: David Doubilet

Other than that, we love the range of photos. Coming from across the world and taking in a varied range of wildlife, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Invertebrates behaviour winner. Credit: Daniel Kronauer

Black and white winner. Credit: Max Waugh

Birds behaviour. Credit: Audun Rikardsen

Young wildlife photographer (aged 11 – 14) winner. Credit: Cruz Erdmann

Final thought: Honestly, if there’s one career we’d bloody well love to have outside of talking s**t about internet videos, we reckon wildlife photography would be right up there. Anyway, once you’ve had a squiz at some of these, let us know whether you reckon the right ones won or whether there were better photos out there?

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