Skateboarder Slams Into Car At High Speed

Skateboarder Slams Into Car At High Speed

My skateboarding days are long gone, but I used to be a street guy, practising my kick flips and hard flips for hours.

I still have a strong interest in all things skateboarding (you may have seen me smash a high score when revisiting Tony Hawk’s 2 a few months ago).

The downhill freebord style kinda scares the shit out of me.

The danger of not knowing what’s around the corner while traveling at high speeds would be freakin’ nerve-wracking.

None the less… The payoff is that it would also be a heap of fun.

The video below is one that will probably make you go “Fwooaa-OW”.

The video was shot in the Stavropol Region, Russia

The description says that: “Luckily, the rider walked away from the accident with only a few bruises and a concussion.”

I reckon if I get back into skateboarding I’ll stick to going down small hills and working on me kick flips again ey.