The Vomit Inducing Moment Vet Pops Dozens Of Maggots Out Of Dogs Skin

The Vomit Inducing Moment Vet Pops Dozens Of Maggots Out Of Dogs Skin

All right, consider this a warning. Today’s video is pretty definitely bloody gross. Creepy crawly gross. Infected wound gross. Shaved dog gross.

There’s no official word on where this video originated, but it’s pretty f*****g horrifying.

If you’ve ever seen the chest-burster in Alien, all you need to do now is picture dozens of those – only they’re not science-fiction monsters, they’re real life maggots and they’re bursting out of a dog as a vet squeezes them out of its skin.

Personally, my stomach’s pretty bloody soft, but after watching it, I don’t think I’m eating that leftover macaroni and cheese that’s in the fridge. So I tested the theory, and the fiancée started gagging and wretching. So yeah, there’s that.

Doesn't look too bad... (Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyen Phuong)

Doesn’t look too bad… (Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyen Phuong)

For those of you looking to stock up on information for future trivia nights in questionable establishments, the infection is called Myiasis and its well known in tropical and subtropical areas.

A little bit of pressure...(Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyuen Phuong)

A little bit of pressure…(Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyuen Phuong)

Anyway, points to the vet in the video who calmly extracts – well, it’s more like he pops them out – the little b*****ds and then offers them to the dog’s owner as a joke.

A bit more pressure...(Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyuen Phuong)

A bit more pressure…(Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyuen Phuong)

To make it that little bit worse, although these big meat-maggots are usually found in waste-meat or pets, they can and do infect humans.

A couple of years back, one woman squeezed an ‘infected insect bite’ after visiting Africa and found out she had fourteen meat maggots inside her… And you know what that means – for the rest of her life that poor woman is going to know that at some point she was literally being eaten alive by f*****g maggots. Bugger that sh**.

Yes please! (Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyen Phuong)

Yes please! (Credit: YouTube/Dong Nguyen Phuong)

Myiasis is usually caused by tumbu fly larva. Mummy tumbu lays her eggs on damp clothes or towels and then, when you unsuspectingly put that material against your skin the eggs penetrate you and hatch two or three days later.

The good thing is that it’s not too difficult to get the little baby tumbu flies out. They chew a hole in your skin so they can get oxygen and don’t suffocate inside you.

Sleep well tonight blokes and blokettes.

H/T: Daily Mail.