Sheila asks Twitter to Photoshop her selfie. You know what happens next!

Credit: Twitter/@mmemmoryyyyyyy/@_porsan_

Sheila asks Twitter to Photoshop her selfie. You know what happens next!

If you’re a young whipper-snapper, you were born yesterday, or you’ve been living under a rock since the internet was invented, you might not know how risky it is to ask random strangers on the internet to Photoshop you. Yeah, nah, in a word, it’s a fair dinkum stupid idea. As you’re all too aware, the internet is a haven to more trolls than Denmark’s biggest bridge, and they bloody love an excuse to f**k with someone. And that leads us to our story. This sheila wanted strangers on the internet to Photoshop a bloke out of her selfie…

We’re not gonna lie. Nah, yeah, we’re gonna be straight-up about this: we f**ken love when this happens. Because, for some reason, it’s a uniting of the community when the Photoshop trolls come out. It’s like we can all gather round and laugh at the silly goose who’s just walked right into the troll’s cave.

Credit: Twitter/@mmemmoryyyyyyy

Although, having said that, when it’s this kind of trolling, it’s mostly good-natured, and that’s something we get a proper boner for here in Straya. Seriously, it’s how we show affection. If you mate hasn’t called you a c**t, a f**kstick, a wanker, a f**kknuckle, or a dips**t, he’s really not your mate.

Credit: Twitter/@asman2293

Credit: Twitter/@masoudkhoury

Credit: Twitter/@kermanshah_20

And, in a way, this kind of trolling is the modern version of drawing a dick in your mate’s maths book. It’s funny as f**k.

Credit: Twitter/@omid_darwin_2

Credit: Twitter/@_porsan_

Credit: Twitter/@Mohammadddd2018

Credit: Twitter/@DrShay13

Credit: Twitter/@Amiriiofsk

Credit: Twitter/@amirpersian30

So, yeah, as you can imagine, this poor sheila, who only wanted her selfie to be free of the on-a-mission bloke cutting through her makeshift photography studio has now got a thousand beautifully doctored images to sift through.

Credit: Twitter/@Rahaa08

Credit: Twitter/@fouziroone

Credit: Twitter/@hksjkh

Credit: Twitter/@its_Omidz

Credit: Twitter/@Aaraach

Credit: Twitter/@omid_darwin_2

Hopefully, someone in there has given her what she wanted.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, if you don’t like this kind of s**t, we don’t know what to say. And you know what, if it happened to you, you’d have to consider printing them all out into a collage and framing it. It’s kind of a special occasion, right? Right?

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