Scientists have detected 1652 radio signals from an unknown source in space

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Scientists have detected 1652 radio signals from an unknown source in space

You know, now that we think about it, we really don’t talk about space enough here at Ozzy man Reviews. Nah, we hardly mention it at all. Maybe that’s because there’s just so much cool s**t here on Earth, or maybe it’s because the internet needs to focus on it more. We’re not sure, and we don’t really reckon it matters. Especially when you consider that we’re talking about it today. So, let’s have a squiz, because scientists have just detected a s**tload of radio signals from a mystery source in space.

Now, we’re gonna start by getting excited. Obviously, we hear space, we think Sigourney Weaver, we think Alf, we think bloody Star Trek. So we wanna know where these things are coming from and we wanna know if they mean extra-terrestrials are trying to phone home and we’re intercepting the waves.

Well, the thing is, we’re not sure. Yeah, nah, science isn’t sure either. Right now, they’ve intercepted the signals and they seem to have figured out one thing they’re not coming from, but there doesn’t seem to be confirmation of what they are exactly.

So, with that said, we’re gonna point out that since 2007, they’ve been intercepting Fast Radio Bursts (FBTs) and they think they come from cataclysmic events like stellar flares and colliding neutron stars.

Still, let’s get some expert quotes on the matter. Dr Bing Zhang, a professor of physics and astronomy at the university of Nevada Las Vegas and a co-author of the latest report about these 1652 FRBs says, “Our results suggest that the bursts are likely produced from the magnetospheres of magnetars, if magnetars are indeed the sources of repeating FRBs.”

And we’re not gonna lie. That totally sounds like chestbursters to us. We think. Yeah, nah, aliens are coming. The science is in. F**ken run.

Final thought: Look, obviously, we’re bulls**tting, and the reality is much more mundane than that. The crux of this story really is that scientists know how to capture these radio bursts as they come to earth, but they don’t know where they come from. So, considering your guess is as good as ours, let us know what you reckon they are.

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