Russell Brand & Ricky Gervais debate Atheism on newly released podcast

Credit: Russell Brand

Russell Brand & Ricky Gervais debate Atheism on newly released podcast

In the world of celebrity poms with loads to say, they don’t come much bigger than Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais. Deadset, between the two of them, they could probably generate enough conversation and opinion to occupy several lifetimes. So when they announced they were joining forces for a special podcast a couple of weeks ago, people were excited. Well, that s**t’s dropped, and some of the conversations are bloody epic…

In the lead-up to the podcast, Gervais took to Twitter, tagging Brand and saying, “Tell ’em about our brilliant podcast wot we just dun.”

In announcing it, Brand was his usual humble self.

Credit: Twitter/Russell Brand

“‘I am here mostly to announce I have a moustache, but perhaps even more important than that, on my Luminary podcast Under The Skin I’ve done an episode with Ricky Gervais that will be widely released. I’ve done the podcast with Ricky, it was very brilliant as you would expect. He was very funny and he was incredibly erudite, insightful, candid and brilliant.”

One of the bits that’s been circulating online is a conversation about God and Atheism.

Both of these guys have a history of commenting on all of this. Brand is, of course, famously spiritual, often talking about the oneness and the yearning for more that he sees in humanity.

Credit: Russell Brand

“I also think, Ricky, that there is a social consequence…when people think there’s no purpose or meaning. That needn’t necessarily be about a belief in God, but it creates cultures that are oddly materialistic and nihilistic. I feel like in the last twenty years, we’re seeing more and more worship of self.”

Gervais is the opposite. His often brutal opposition to organised religion is widely renowned, so it was always going to be interesting to hear these two blokes with widely polar viewpoints discussing things like sensible adults. Here’s how Gervais responded to Brand’s prior point…

Credit: Russell Brand

“I do think people crave a oneness. We’re seeking the answer, ‘why are we here?’ I think we think that hold on, it’s too good, it’s too good to be chance. Everything’s perfect. Well, it seems that way…but we are scared and alone and the idea of death is horrible.”

And that’s the thing here, isn’t it? It’s okay to disagree with someone and share your opinions without being defensive or aggressive. We won’t ruin the chat for you, but it’s well-worth ten minutes of your time.

Final thought: Regardless of what you make of these two blokes, it’s bloody interesting to hear them have a bloody yarn and put forward their own perspectives. Anyway, have a f**ken squiz at the video below and let us know what you thought in the comments section.

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