People Share Stories On Reddit Of How They Accidentally Killed Someone

People Share Stories On Reddit Of How They Accidentally Killed Someone

Imagine going through life knowing that you have unintentionally killed someone else. Knowing that in one way or another that you are responsible for ending someone’s life. I do not envy that position at all but I am glad that people have opened up and shared their stories. A question on Reddit asked: People who have accidentally caused the death of another person, what happened?

Some of the answers are so brutally honest and in your face that the page is now an 18+ page only. The responses were very varied, including a few users who wrote about traffic accidents:


From bigcityornot:
“Turned left into my sister’s driveway at 3 am. A guy on a Harley was doing 60 mph in a 30, with no headlight. My half ton pickup left 4 feet of skid marks from being pushed back by the force. I still remember seeing him do mid air somersaults this was 1976.”

From ArchaicLight:
“7ish am on a Sunday morning. I’m heading to work in a small town at the age of 15 or 16. Come over a crest on a hill and have no time to react. T-bone someone making an illegal u-turn in a driveway. All I remember is veering off to the right and damaging someone’s stone wall after the hit, crawling out of the wreckage out of breath and stumbling to see if the other person was okay. Their vehicle spun multiple times and landed in a ditch facing away, but driver side visible from where I originally was. Driver wasn’t there..move along the vehicle and check the other side.. Driver is hanging out of the passenger side window with a steady stream of blood from their skull. Bottom line for me is that I ask and implore everyone, please use your seatbelt..”


Some of the people writing in blamed themselves for other peoples suicides..

From PsalmOfTheDead:
“I’m not sure If this counts but I wanna get it off my chest after reading these.

“My friend was a well known and liked guy. Very social. Did drama, football and baseball in high school. Some of the best moments of my life was with him.

“One day he just stopped coming around. He would read my messages but not reply. He ignored anyone else. It was so bizarre.

“One day, he came to my house and it was like the good old days. He said he got into target shooting but his gun blew up because he fired a bullet that had been in the washing machine, he had some powder burns on his hands. He asked to borrow one of mine and I said yes.

“Two days later he shot himself with it. I’ve hated myself since. Most of our mutual friends hate me. His family hates me and I was barred from his funeral. I feel so bad I didn’t see the signs. I miss you Tom. I wish I could have helped you like you did me.”

From Reninz:
“I was gaming when one of my best friends messaged me asking to talk if I was free. Since he usually asked this of me just to talk about random stuff, I didn’t think too much of it and just planned to reply back to him after I was done with my gaming session. A couple of hours later I finally replied back to him, but he didn’t reply back which I thought was weird but was probably just him being busy. He never replied again. I found out the next day at school that he had committed suicide around the same time that I was gaming. I can’t help but think that I could’ve talked him out of it if I had replied to him immediately. To this day I still feel guilty about it, and I’ve resolved to never let a friend down like that again…..too bad I didn’t have that thinking sooner.”

Remember if you are feeling sad, down, or suicidal call the appropriate number and seek help. 13 11 14 in Australia, 1 800 784 2433 in USA and 0800 068 41 41 in the UK.


Sometimes all it takes is a fall or a collision that does it. If you are elderly, the falls are a lot more serious.

From garythedog:
“Was skiing with a friend when I was still living in Colorado, we were going a good speed and enjoying the mountain. When we came back onto the main trail he was still going really fast.

“I yelled at him to slow down and an elderly lady ended up merging at the same time as he looked back at me. My buddy is a good sized guy and ended up colliding with this old woman. The ski patrol ended up grabbing her from the mountain and she was clearly in alot of pain. She ended up dying from her injuries a few days later.

“After their investigation my buddy and the woman were both in the wrong. He had to pay some fines but never got any sort of lawsuit.”

From tossdawayy:
“When I was fifteen on my way home from school, a man stepped out of his car and grabbed my arm and said I had to go with him. I tugged away, and we sort of grappled in the street for a moment, until I shoved him, he lost balance, he fell and hit his head on the pavement and died from his head injury in hospital.”

From HornyKoala
“When i was younger playing xbox whilst at my grandparents house i had left the room to go to the bathroom, leaving my wired controller on the floor. I suddenly hear a thud and decided to finish my business before seeing where it had came from.

“Whilst cleaning up i heard a scream from my grandma and was told to stay in the bathroom. And so i did.

“Found out that my grandfather had accidently stood on my controller and fell over the wire, cracking his skull open on the table and was announced dead at the scene when the ambulance arrived.

“I am now extra cautious with where i leave items, encouraging my younger brother and sister to clear up their mess once theyre done.”

That last one is really horrifying. Poor kid – I hope he doesn’t blame himself for that one. Accidents do happen, and some of them are just a bit worse that others.


Then there are ones that are pretty sad.

From willmaster123:
“War survivor from chechnya 94-96 war.

“I told a girl, maybe 17 year old, to run out from the apartment building because I was so sure it was going to collapse. It didn’t collapse, and she ran out into a hail of gunfire and died. I was so scared that I stayed in the building and it just never collapsed the entire time, so I left out the back.”

From MCMXCV_Invictus:
“My mom is Thai and my dad is American so I spend most of the year in the US and summers in Thailand. When I was eight my family and my cousin’s family were at the beach in Cha-Am. My cousin’s son, James, and I had been playing in the ocean for hours by this time and we were both exausted. Since we began playing the water got much more violent with large waves as a thunderstorm was starting. As soon as my parents heard lightning they yelled for us to come back to the shore and I just started swimming back without checking to see if James was following.

“When I walked up onto the sand I looked back and I couldn’t see him. We were much farther out than two eight year old should’ve been and James was too tired to keep himself above the water. I’m not sure what I could’ve done once I realised I couldn’t find him but I can’t stop thinking about it, and when I go back to the condo there I can’t bring myself to get back into the ocean.”

From rollcyclones:
“I was dating this girl that was a little dysfunctional due to being sexually abused by her grandpa and nobody knew about it. I noticed some red flags and got her to open up and tell me about it. After we broke up, I told her mom she should stop inviting grandpa over to Thanksgiving dinners due to the sexual abuse. The mom called me a liar, but after asking the other daughters/cousins about it they confirmed it was true and that they had all been molested too.

“After word got back to grandma, she said, “I’ll take care of it”. Fast forward a week and grandpa is dead. Apparently Grandpa had a lot of serious medications he was taking and grandma messed with the dosage, which killed him. His death was ruled natural cause and nothing ever happened to grandma.”

From zarsen:
“2 years ago. My sister was working at a dealership. Her husband and I were spending the day together until it was time to pick up sis from work. He had been drinking tall-boys all day, so when it came time to get his gal I took the keys and said I’m driving. He was mad enough that he refused to go with me. When I came back with my sister he was no where to be found, but it was common for him to go on walks to calm himself down so we didn’t think much of it. 8am the next morning, State Police were banging on the door. They told us he was struck and killed by a train while he was sleeping on the tracks.”

H/T: Reddit