Plumber Gets Fired After Photo Of Client’s Bathroom Goes Viral On Internet

Plumber Gets Fired After Photo Of Client’s Bathroom Goes Viral On Internet

The blue-collar worker will always come across a bit of a grey area in their work, one which they’re unsure whether or not something is appropriate while on the job. Most of the time those moments spawn something lighthearted that wasn’t meant to hurt anyone at all, even still, one of those times caused a plumber to lose his job.

After arriving at the home of a client, the plumber noticed something on the wall of the shower the owner probably didn’t mean to leave up, but there it was – a big, suction dildo.

Deciding since it was only a bathroom and that it isn’t really any sort of damnable identifier, he snapped a photo and shared it to the ‘Blokes Advice’ Facebook page with the caption, “as a plumber, this is my greatest fear.”


This in turn was then shared to the ‘Bad Girl’s Advice’ Facebook page which the actual owner of the dildo happened to be a part of. The Blokes didn’t take too kindly to having their content shared on a rival page, but the damage was already done. A lot of speculation was then put on whether or not the plumber actually lost his job, but he eventually posted his own termination letter to the group as confirmation.


To his credit he accepted the resignation without being sore, he knew his boss was put in a rough spot and had no other choice; though, he couldn’t help but to be a bit of a smartass on the way out, stating, “Give me time to have a looooong haaaaard think about what I’ve done.”


Of all the ways to lose a job, how many people can say they got fired because of someone else’s dildo? I’ll bet that number is fairly low… at least I would hope, but you never know these days.