Photo of Boris Johnson holding the COVID vaccine becomes Photoshop battle

Photo of Boris Johnson holding the COVID vaccine becomes Photoshop battle

We haven’t seen a decent Photoshop battle on this page for a while, so when we found out that a picture of Pommy Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been used as the basis of one over on Reddit, we had to check it out. Basically, the big gimp has been photographed in full science mode while he’s holding the vaccine up and staring at it with a look of deep reverence on his face. In essence, it’s a pretty typical PR shot of a politician. What it’s been turned into in the Photoshop Battle, though, is well worth a laugh…

As you know with this sort of thing, the images can vary wildly. In some cases, you’re gonna get a straight swap with an item or person while the setting stays the same. In other cases, you’re gonna get a complete transplant of the subject into another setting.

Credit: staffell

It’s pretty hard to say which kind of image is the best, but we’ve gotta admit we have a soft spot for those people who do something creative with it. You can see that they’re not just ripping off people they’ve seen before, they’re actually doing something that could even be called art.

Credit: phil_style

Credit: RoyalPrinceSoldier

Credit: CptSasquatch

Credit: WetCoastLife

Credit: PolSedierta

Credit: Shashakeitup

And that’s one of the things that’s kinda good about this stuff. It really captures the spirit of the culture at a moment in time. You can almost imagine a museum holding a wing of the best images from various Photoshop battles down the years.

Credit: Waxenpi

Credit: toxic-banana

Credit: Cpt_Kegel

Credit: the_turn

Credit: jeraflare

Credit: farsjan

Don’t get us wrong, we know it’s a long shot, but just as any medium can represent s**t in society, we reckon this one does it pretty well. After all, there are more than a few clever digs at Brexit in this lot.

Credit: PhotoshopSoldier

Credit: AwesomeUser90

Credit: NEET_IRL

Credit: genericredditname

What do you reckon?

Final thought: As always, you can find loads more of this stuff on the original site, but if you’re feeling creative and you have a crack yourself, let us know in the comments section. We’d be keen to have a squiz at what you cook up!

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