People with expired NDAs are revealing their former workplace secrets!

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People with expired NDAs are revealing their former workplace secrets!

Non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, are usually a sign that there’s something going on in your workplace that your boss doesn’t want known. Unless he’s the bloody Colonel, there’s a pretty good chance that something is dodgier than a second-hand whipper-snipper. And to prove the point, these people are revealing some of those dodgy secrets now that their NDAs have expired.

All right, just to get you started with a bit of context, we’ll assume that some of the people in the comments section might not know what a non-disclosure agreement actually entails. So, here’s what bloody Google has to say about it:

“I worked for Equifax about 20 years ago. We were doing things with your data we weren’t supposed to do. I know this is going to come as a great shock to a lot of people.” —



“I worked for a company that did screen printing and engraving, and one of their biggest clients was the US military. They bought EVERYTHING from China. They had a person who would cut out the ‘Made in China’ tags, and replace them with ‘Made in USA’ tags.” —


According to the Oxford dictionary, an NDA is this: a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that they have shared with each other as a necessary part of doing business together.

“If you are ever with an elderly loved one and they get a Medicare call, hang up, hang up right away. I worked at a company in downtown Chicago this last year that were absolute slime balls. All these young agents scamming old people, promising something about this ‘new upgrade’ to their insurance when really they were just taking them off their plan. A lot of these people have Alzheimer’s disease and we’d get POAs calling in saying that we took their mother/father/aunt off a plan and now they can’t get back on their plan for an entire year. I finally quit because it was so horrific what we had to do to our elders to get a pay check. I personally tried to do everything I could to not be slimy but at the end of the day the whole job was f*cked. I took a man off his plan and was going to have him start a new one the following month. He didn’t have his medication list on him so told me he would email it to me. He finally emails me a list of it least 20 medications, one of his medications that was covered for like 20 bucks on his plan would literally go up thousands of dollars on the plan I put him on. I called him back and spent two hours canceling what we had signed him up on. I still feel horrible to this day. Imagine if he forgot to send me that list of medication. Listen to me, as a past Medicare advisor, do NOT let your parents/grandparents take these calls. Medicare advantage plans are f*cked and Medicare advisors are 20 sum year Old kids who will do anything to get them taken off their plan.” —


“Never open a document with DocuSign on your phone, we took ever piece of data we could get our hands on.” —



“When I worked for State IT, we weren’t supposed to provide details of what hardware was being used or operating systems. In the nineties, I took on an old server, souped it up, and put Linux on it to run our networks. This was pretty radical at the time because everyone else was using something proprietary (Like Netware) and I was able to deliver services for free (email and samba) they were paying out the nose for. The NDA wasn’t about security. It was about keeping how much money they were wasting under wraps.” —


If that doesn’t give you a big hint that they’re a pretty good way to hide dodgy s**t, then we’re not sure anything will. Except some bloody stories! And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you here.

“When a pharmacy’s stock of medication expires, they can’t just throw it away. So they hire pharmaceutical waste disposal companies to take it away and dispose of it properly. The ‘pharmacy’ I worked for bought expired medication and supplies under the table from one of these disposal companies and resold them at full price. EDIT: Naming and shaming would be complicated because the business operated under a constantly changing chain of mail-order pharmacies. When insurance companies would get enough complaints about one they would deny coverage, at which point patients would be shuffled to another pharmacy in the chain while the impacted pharmacy quietly closed and reopened under a new name. The good news: they were busted and folded pretty quickly under the weight of having to operate like an honest pharmacy. Company in question is no more.” —


“That video game that was terrible on release? It was terrible in beta, and alpha, and we weren’t allowed to warn you.” — 0110bot


“Marketing companies will hire Jr people, give them amazing titles, and then charge the client outstanding fees per position and pay those people Jr pay, pocketing everything as profit. The time they charge on estimates is double what it actually takes.” —


We’ve gotta say, though, that it’s actually pretty telling that not much of this is surprising. Yeah, nah, it’s just a bit s**t that we all kinda know the world is a bit like this now and that’s probably not gonna change. Yeah, nah, the money men are able to get away with whatever they want and so are their companies.

“Part of Amazon’s associate training is literally how to lie when asked certain questions, and there was a ‘social’ part of the contract that discouraged speaking poorly about Amazon with friends and on social media.” —



“I work in finance. The computer does not tell me your rates. Your rates are determined by my mood that day and whether or not you complimented my shirt.” —


“I was working at a hospital as an Intern. There was a woman who had a brain Tumor a while ago. She got in for a check up, six months pregnant and having depression. The doctor thought he found a new Tumor so she had another brain operation. But there was no Tumor and they cut her head open for nothing. And after she woke up they didn’t tell her this, instead acted like they removed it successfully. Edit: I made an internship at the hospital for a few months. I completely forgot that intern in the medical context means someone who wants to become a doctor and studied medicine.” —


Final thought: Yeah, give this stuff a read and let us know what you reckon. Does any of it surprise you? We’re gonna hazard a guess and say that we won’t be shocked if it doesn’t. Also, if you’ve got an expired NDA, spill the bloody beans. Share your story in the comments section.

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