People share some of the best “old people” fails

People share some of the best “old people” fails

If there’s one group of people we really bloody love, it’s the old blokes and sheilas in our lives. Deadset, these legends have knowledge, wisdom and experience, and when it comes to helping us younger generations out, they’re all over it. Of course, with them holding that over us, we have to enjoy some of their cock-ups from time to time. That’s what this one’s all about. Have a squiz.

Before we get into this, we’ve gotta say that we’re not convinced the oldies responsible for some of these aren’t just pulling our legs. Yeah, nah, on plenty of occasions, we reckon they know exactly what they’re doing. After all, they probably don’t want us knowing their full strength. They get away with a fair bit of s**t, and if we suspected there was shenanigans, that might change!

Credit: WarmTummyRubs

In this first one, though, we’re sure the old bloke’s just making sure the machine’s working properly, but according to the whippersnappers who shared the pic, he’s been given a new Rumba and he doesn’t trust it. We’re not sure we blame him!

Credit: genleiaorgana

This one is deadset gold, and we sympathise. Sometimes our computers do s**t we don’t understand too. In this instance, they couldn’t stop the voice-to-text app from sending their messages in chat!

Credit: balmthreat

This is one of those ones we reckon might be a piss-take. Yeah, nah, this Mum knows exactly what she’s doing.

Credit: Bungalowbeast

This one speaks for itself, but bloody Gran’s having a bit of difficulty with the mixer. Again, we can relate. We’re not sure this one’s got anything to do with age!

Credit: Ur1m

The photographer who took this photo was shocked to find the fish-eye lens they’d been looking for on a cereal packet. Turns out Mum was using it as a food clip!

Credit: Neuroapex

And here we go again. This cat-loving Mum knew exactly what she was doing when she renamed the Wi-Fi. After all, that act alone takes a little bit of nous.

Credit: brisk911

This is classic old bloke. Instead of turning up the brightness on the iPad, these two have just busted out the torch!

Credit: jmonty156

We reckon it’s a bit harsh to mock the Grandma who loves her Jesus statue in this one. Yeah, nah, we reckon it’s an easy mistake to make.

Credit: ka5sh

And this speaks for itself. After all, not all crying emojis are born equal.

Credit: AnnaHeslop

The face in this one says more than enough!

Credit: rizabove

And in this one, Mum just had to find out what all the buttons in her new car did. Yep, all of them. In. A. Snowstorm.

Credit: repliers_beware

Kindle as bookmark? Maybe Grandpa’s making a point here. We personally love both, but you know, principles are principals.

Credit: maddierose1418

And something sweet to finish on. The Grandpa in this one really liked this photo and wanted to print it out. It’s just too harsh to give him s**t. Yeah, nah, print it out and frame it for him. It’s the least you can do!

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we love it. There’s a lot of love behind these moments, and you can tell there’s plenty of friendly ribbing going on too. Of course, we wanna know about your stories. How have your olds f**ked up? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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