People are sharing their best dumpster-diving finds online and some of them are incredible!

Credit: Mauhg/breafkastfordinner

People are sharing their best dumpster-diving finds online and some of them are incredible!

Dumpster diving can be a pretty divisive thing. While some people see it as a pretty gross idea, others see it as a pretty decent way to score some awesome s**t for free. We’re not here to judge the merits of it today, but we are gonna check in with some folks who’ve come away from a dumpster dive with the find of a lifetime. Check it out…

All right, straight up, this story comes to you from the depths of Reddit’s dumpster-diving community. These folks definitely see the merits of their fossicking and after looking at some of the pics, it’s easy to see why.

Credit: Aphk312

Credit: Cult7Choir

Credit: miserlymistress

Credit: UrbanRelicHunter

Essentially, you’ll see they seem to find pretty cool stuff. Of course, it’s amazing what some people will throw away, especially when you see how many pets these legends rescue. Deadset, anyone who’s throwing puppies and kittens in the dumpster needs a serious talking to. If you know what we mean.

Credit: Mauhg

Credit: GlamourDDive

Credit: Fantastic-Farmer-115

Credit: Nangle_

Credit: jamieden

Aside from the adorable cuteness, though, there’s also some other pretty f**ken mintox stuff. Musical instruments, antiques, collectibles, it’s all there, and it’s all pretty f**ken swish.

Credit: chaunchyyy

Credit: ForwardEggplant


Credit: Literary_Octopus

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that most of the dumpster-diving you see here isn’t occurring in the kind of bins flies are buzzing around. Yeah, nah, we live in a system that sees profit margins as the be-all and end-all. Sometimes that means perfectly good food goes to waste.

Credit: alyssadujour

Credit: breafkastfordinner

Credit: 1mad8world2

It also means perfectly good products are thrown out because it’s easier than doing anything else with it. Anyway, have a squiz. It’s pretty interesting.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we’ve gotta admit that when we first heard of dumpster-diving we weren’t keen. Having a look at this s**t, though, we might just be heading out to see what’s in the skip behind Woollies tonight. Deadset. Anyway, if you’ve been, let us know what you found.

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