People are bloody loving the fact Jamaica is back in the bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics

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People are bloody loving the fact Jamaica is back in the bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics

We’re not gonna lie, just like the rest of you, we f**ken loved hearing that Jamaica was fielding teams in the bobsleigh events at this year’s Winter Olympics. Deadset, if that s**t doesn’t give you warm fuzzies, you just don’t have a soul. Anyway, they’re in, and now that they’ve competed, people are f**ken loving it.

All right, we’ll get started by saying this: if you haven’t seen Cool Runnings, just get off the internet and go and fix that. Once you’re done, come back and enjoy the rest of this piece.

Of course, in complete fairness, it’s not only the fact the Cool Runnings is a bona fide classic that has people stoked for Jamaica. Yeah, nah, there’s just something awesome about a country so known for sun and sand entering the Winter Olympics in an event known for speeding down long stretches of ice.

Anyway, the country was able to enter three teams in the events, and even though they haven’t exactly set the contest ablaze, people are—as we’ve said a few times now—loving that s**t.

The Caribbean nation hasn’t entered the four-man contest since 1998. Jamaican supporters (and more than a few neutrals) are getting big stiffies over the whole thing. That excitement is only bolstered by the fact, this is the first they’ve sent three teams to the event in the Olympics.

Have a squiz at some of these tweets to see what we mean.

Final thought: Yeah, look, as you can probably tell, there are plenty of reasons to support Jamaica in events like this. You’ve got the obvious underdog stuff, the climate of their home country not exactly lending itself to Winter Olympics events, and nostalgia for Cool Runnings. If you’re getting behind them, share why in the comments section.

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