Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in November

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in November

Another month bites the dust!

In November we saw many WTF moments come and go. I personally am quite proud of the Aussies this month, who managed to do some spectacular mannequin challenges and stick up for their local fish and chip shops gettin’ smashed up by cars.

There was also that rather big event that went down in the USA… That whole controversial divisive thingy. I’ll cover that in the video below though…

Of course, there are many things I simply can’t cover in 2-3 minutes. I can only cover the tip of the iceberg here in me little home office down in Perth, Australia. I’m sure there were many tremendously crazy day-to-day events going on I’ll never know about. Makes me kinda sad to not know EVERYTHING that’s happening EVERYWHERE at EVERY second. But ey, I’m just one bloke. On simple, simple little bloke who doesn’t have the surveillance resources of the NSA or ASIO or MI6 unfortunately.

Anyhow, without further ado here is me recap on WTF Happened in November.

Video below. Enjoy:

Wowee. I’m pretty damn proud of science for confirming sheilas do in fact let out a pop off or two. The evidence in the form of underwater slow-mo cannot be disputed, absolutely no fabrication going on there. All source video links are in the YouTube post description btw.

Now we’re into December and I’m sure 2016 won’t let us down.

There’s bound to be some more amazing, disturbing, ridiculous stories to spread across the globe in the countdown to 2017.

In case ya missed it, one of the big ones already this week was Man vs Roo.

Here’s the commentary I whipped up on that mayhem:

Amazing times we’re living in ladies and gents.

If you’ve read this far along and you’re interested at all… It’s looking like my behind-the-scenes dilemma of having a kidney stone is going to require surgery. I might do another live stream update next week. Who knows what will happen with the drugs they give me..? Might be a weird live stream. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me support and advice. Appreciate it ey!

Lastly, another big development in November was the launch Ozzy Man Shop for all your merchandise needs.

It’s still pretty small and I do hope to get the shipping costs down for places outside of the USA, but I’m fair dinkum stoked with the quality of the shirts and hoodies launched so far.

Here’s the Uniform Resource Locator if ya wanna have a browse:




Cheers ya legends!