North Korea’s latest martial arts display is a bit f@#*en intense

Credit: North Korean TV

North Korea’s latest martial arts display is a bit f@#*en intense

When it comes to crazy communist countries that need no introduction whatsoever, North Korea has gotta be one of the first that comes to mind. Deadset, when it comes to bats**t crazy despotic regimes, they’re the little engine that could. Massive food shortages, intense poverty, strict-as-f**k rules, and tonnes of clandestine s**t mean it’s almost a comic-book bad guy. Except it’s real. Still, that doesn’t stop it from occasionally reminding the world just how tough it is. And that’s what brings us to this martial arts display.

Yeah, nah, after watching this we’re a bit impressed. We’re definitely thinking that we wouldn’t wanna f**k with North Korea. They don’t even need the nukes; they’ve got the dudes in this video, and we reckon that even a crack team of heroes like John Wick, The Punisher, and f**ken Alf would have their work cut out fighting these blokes.

Take this first bloke for example. He’s rocking a dropkick that’d put Sean Michaels and the 1,2,3 Kid to shame. Yeah, nah, no sweet chin music, but that dropkick would put you in your place pretty f**ken quickly.

Imagine seeing this s**t in a bar brawl. One minute, you’ve got a couple of guys pushing and shoving, and then the next, f**ken bang. Real life dropkick that can smash concrete blocks.  Of course, the real contest would be if he took on the next guy. This bloke is like Rhino. He f**ken runs through blocks with his head.

Still, that’s nothing on the next mother**ker. With Kim Jong-un watching on like little fat Caesar, he’s just fighting his guts out. He’s taking punches, flipping c**ts and looking like Matt Murdock’s worst nightmare.

From there, his mates are like, ‘yeah, well let’s see how you like being hit with sticks, ya c**t.’ And, in fairness, he probably doesn’t. Nah, who would? Still, with old mate Kimmy Caesar watching on, he’s gonna pretend he loves it. Of course he is; he wants to see his children again.

Anyway, there’s s**tloads more, but you can watch the video. It’s pretty grouse. Check it out.

Final thought: It’s gotta be said: North Korea’s nukes and bats**t crazy leader already have most people just steering clear, but if they were reconsidering that stance, this will definitely change their minds. Yeah, nah, if you had to fight these blokes, you’d have a bad day.

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