Mike Tyson on Brad Pitt – “I walked in and he was banging my wife”

Actress Robin Givens and husband, professional boxer Mike Tyson. (Photo by Time Life Pictures/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Mike Tyson on Brad Pitt – “I walked in and he was banging my wife”

We’ve had a bit of a yarn on here before about Iron Mike Tyson and the fact that he’s one tough b*stard. As far as guys you don’t want to be punched in the f**ken head go, Tyson’s right up there. In fact, I’m pretty sure that even the blokes who were being paid to fight him didn’t want to be punched in the head by him. So imagine you’re Brad Pitt and you are slipping Mrs Tyson the bald-headed gnome just as Mike walks in…

Mike, everyone’s favourite tattoo-faced former heavyweight champion of the known universe, recently shared this story with Graham Bensinger during a live interview. Luckily for Brad, it’s a story that features no head-punching. What Tyson does imply though, is that it does feature a whole bunch of pants-sh*tting. To be honest, that’s fair enough.

Tyson and his wife. Credit: Getty

Tyson and his wife. Credit: Getty

The reason for the just referenced lack of head-punching is most likely the fact that Tyson and his wife at the time, Robin Givens, were in the middle of a divorce. In fact, before heading to court one day, Tyson thought he’d stop by to try get a quickie. Of course, Pitt was there and he was with Givens. Or to put it more creatively, he was exploring Punarnia and introducing the Pitt-midget to Givens’ pink bits…Tyson was not impressed.

Pitt and Tyson's wife. Credit: Complex

Pitt and Tyson’s wife. Credit: Complex

When asked about his reaction, Tyson told Bensinger, “I was mad as hell.” Of course, as most sensible people’s reaction would have been, Pitt’s sounds like it would have been priceless. “You should have seen his face when he saw me.”

You can almost picture it can’t you? Pitt filling Givens out like an application before he looks up to see Iron Mike standing there with a wild look of sheer rage on his face. Talk about an instant soft-on.

Pitt and Tyson's wife again. Credit: Pinterest

Pitt and Tyson’s wife again. Credit: Pinterest

Final thought: By the sound of things, it seems like Pitt is lucky to be alive. F**k knows how he got out of there without copping a severe beating, but I tell you what, I’d love to hear how Pitt tells the story.

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