Marine Sets Up Elaborate Trap And Catches Girlfriend Cheating

Marine Sets Up Elaborate Trap And Catches Girlfriend Cheating

A marine has found out that his girlfriend is a cheater by setting up a fake facebook profile and asking her to facetime him.

The suspicious partner had only been gone a month and hadn’t even been deployed yet! Turns out his girlfriend didn’t want to waste any time “getting back on the horse”.


He had apparently been tipped off about his girlfriend’s unfaithful ways (hint: the guy who told you probably has something to do with it!) and that’s when he has decided to set his trap.

He says “My girlfriend has decided to play behind my back and talk to other guys while I’m gone. I’ve been gone for about a month over here, in training for the marines and she thinks it’s ok to play behind me.”


When she answers his facetime, he says ‘Hi, do you want to play this game? You didn’t think it was going to be me, did you?’. Caught red handed. I mean it’s just a facetime, isn’t it? Just a chat. I reckon she could have got out of it if she was like “I just wanted to see your face, or I miss my boyfriend”.

But no, she hangs up almost instantly, cementing her fate. I don’t think she is worth it to be honest mate. One month!

He seems to try to brush it off the as he leans back and says: “Whatever, plenty more fish in the sea.” Still stings a bit though I’m sure.



H/T: UniLad