Justin Bieber backtracks on his MMA fight with Tom Cruise

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Justin Bieber backtracks on his MMA fight with Tom Cruise

Everyone knows a bloody Terry. Deadset, Terry tough-nuts are everywhere. You can usually spot ‘em by the fact they’re the little bloke in a group. Despite that, though, their diminutive stature is often belied by the size of their gob. And, believe it or not, that gob never usually manages to get ‘em in trouble. It’ll start it just fine, but once the actual chips are down, these Napoleonic stooges have usually nicked off and let the big boys do all the damage. If there’s no one in their corner, Terries are also adept at backtracking…

Which brings us to Justin Bieber. You might remember that just a couple of days ago, Bieber threw a pygmy-sized gauntlet at Tom Cruise’s miniscule little feet and said, “Come at me, bra,” or something like that.

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Well, everyone was like, you know what, dude. Tom Cruise will probably snap you and use you to pick the food from either side of his weird middle tooth. (Speaking of which, what do Scientologists even eat? Aside from a steady diet of bullcrap, that is.)

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As you’re probably aware, Conor McGregor even chipped in and said he’d happily stage the fight.

Well, it turns out, Bieber’s not keen at all. We don’t know if it makes him a Terry or not, but he  seems to have thought better of it.

He was seen leaving his wife Hailey Baldwin’s office and, as reported by TMZ, quizzed about the challenge. Here’s his latest response:

“Man… I was just playing, it was just a random tweet I’m pretty sure Tom would probably whoop my ass in a fight. I’d have to get super in shape, I’m really skinny right now. I think he’d probably be out of my weight class. He’s got that dad strength.”

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Final thought: Of course, none of this takes into account the fact that Cruise may well be gunning for the singer. Just when he least expects it, he might get a visit from Cruise and his army of space-lawyers. So what do you reckon? Was Bieber playing or has he come to his senses?

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