Irish bloke befriends Ronaldinho and heads to his place for keepie-uppies and beer!

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Irish bloke befriends Ronaldinho and heads to his place for keepie-uppies and beer!

We reckon that even if you’re not too big on your soccer, you probably know who bloody Ronaldinho is. Yeah, nah, deadset, he’s one of the game’s elite players, and many have claimed that at his peak, he was one of the best the world has seen. With that in mind, you’d think it’d be a bit bloody weird for him to be hanging out with some random Irish bloke, but apparently not. Nah, yeah, he’s been filmed hanging out with Gaelic football player Paul Walsh, and the two look like they’ve had a bloody great time. Check it out…

All right, we’re just gonna jump straight into this one. Paul Walsh, a Gaelic football player who plies his trade for Brosna has stunned the internet by hanging out with bloody Ronaldinho. Naturally, people are wondering just how the f**k it’s all happened.

As you can see from the pics, Walsh has gotten himself over to Brazil, and he’s even gifted the legendary AC Milan and Brazil player with a Gaelic football jersey and joined him for some keepie-uppies, beers, and what looks like a bloody good night.

Obviously, this was all a bit of a shock for the Gaelic football world, but early reports reckoned that Walsh struck up a friendship with the legend on Instagram, where he was told he should come around to hang out if he was ever in Brazil.

Regardless of how it happened, this is pretty f**ken grouse. Now, without being patronising, there’s obviously a world of difference between the fame and fortune experienced by those in Gaelic football and those in the world game.

Still, it just goes to show that if you click with someone, you click.

Yeah, nah, this is rad.

F**KEN UPDATE! Since news about this came to light, Paul Walsh has given an interview to Off The Ball, where he talks about the experience. That’s down below!

Final thought: Yeah, this is bloody rad. Still, it asks the question: which famous b**tard have you had the pleasure of hanging out with. Tell your story in the Facebook comments. See you there!

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