You can now buy huge f**ken bags of pure marshmallow cereal online

You can now buy huge f**ken bags of pure marshmallow cereal online

Depending on whereabouts in the world you call home, you’ll be familiar with different kinds of cereals. Judging from what we’ve seen on television and from brief trips to the supermarket when visiting, you f**kers in the states have had – and maybe still do have – some pretty high-octane sugar content in your cereals. One of the reasons for that is f**ken marshmallows. We don’t remember any cereals that really went that far here in Oz, but bloody hell, we were pretty keen on trying some of the s**t we saw in television shows and comic books…

Thankfully, we can now live out that fantasy. You blokes and blokettes in Seppoland can get your nostalgia on while we add dehydrated marshmallows to our cereal by the f**ken cupful.

Deadset, you can buy f**k-off huge bags of the bloody things from Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

We’re not exactly sure what the ratio’s like, but we’re assuming you just pour a metric s**tload of them all over your rice bubbles, load up some old episodes of The Tick, Spider-Man, Dungeons and Dragons and Dragonball Z, and sit around in your undies while eschewing any and all of your adult responsibilities.

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Honestly, it sounds like bloody heaven. Best of all, if you’re not ready to dive headlong into a bag of marshmallows that you can barely fit in your car, you can start with smaller bags. That s**t right there equals a win-win situation.

Having said all that, we’re not sure if we’ve actually got the sweet-tooth for it here in Ozzyland. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had some pretty f**ken sugary cereals in our time – s**t like Corn Pops comes to mind, but for some reason, we never seemed to get the straight-up confectionery other countries did.

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Final thought: Anyway, this is something we don’t really know too much about. We would, however, love some pointers from our Yankee brethren. Hit up the Facebook and tell us how to f**k ourselves right up with marshmallow-based cereal.

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