If you think you’re having a bad day, these probably prove you’re not…

Credit: Abhivp/kttyfrncs

If you think you’re having a bad day, these probably prove you’re not…

Yeah, nah, if you’re ever having a total f**ken shocker of a day, a good cheer-me-up is always to consider how much worse things could get. To help you do that, we’ve got a bunch of images here that we reckon will help you get over your own woes.

Yeah, nah, sometimes a bad day starts as soon as you get out of bed and stub your toe on the foot of the f**ken bed. Sometimes, it takes you by surprise. You know, like those moments you realise you’ve left your wallet at home when you desperately need to fuel up the car.

This poor sheila was dying her hair without realising the branding from the plastic bag she used had transferred with the bleach! Credit: kttyfrncs

Regardless of how your bad day has come about, we had to share these with you. Like usual, they range from the outright foolish to the bloody unlucky. What they’ve all got in common, though, is one great thing: they’re happening to somebody else.

Credit: Reid hamlin

Apparently, this bloke was bitten by a snake and cut off his own finger to save his life. It wasn’t necessary. Credit: weibo

Credit: filipinofishboy

Credit: bethmayashley

And yeah, if the internet isn’t best used as a way to laugh at others’ misfortune, we don’t know what it’s for.

Credit: elementaldwarf

Credit: ItsCadenYoung

Credit: oconnj17

Imagine finding this after dinishing the drink. Credit: Abhivp

Seriously, though, we reckon you might be able to relate to some of these. Others are like more extreme versions of the kinds of things that stay with you for a while. Just the other day I chugged down a gross f**ken lump of milk in my coffee, but I can’t say I’ve ever found a gecko in my cup.

Credit: SidwWolfe

Keys locked in the armoured vehicle. Credit: Noxja

A gift from his crush! Credit: sunny_boey

Credit: skhadem

How about you?

Credit: om_is_love

Printer blew up. Credit: jamesfn7

Final thought: So yeah, as usual, we reckon the best way to build on this is for you to share your ‘worst day ever’ stories in the Facebook comments. Just take note, though, that we want funny s**t. We don’t wanna hear about the day your dog died, your girlfriend ran away, and your f**ken truck exploded. Keep it humorous.

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