Hydraulic Press Channel Releases An Easter Special

Hydraulic Press Channel Releases An Easter Special

My latest favourite channel (in case ya haven’t noticed) has kindly released an Easter special.

Thanks to Hydraulic Press Channel we finally get to see what it Easter treats being crushed to death looks like.

It’s actually very funny to witness, especially when the Easter bunny goes under the press.

You can make requests in their YouTube comments as to what ya reckon they should crush next.

Given the amount of requests flooding in I’d say the fella behind the channel and his missus have a lot of work to do.

Pure gold. Video is below!

Poor little bunny. He’s a dopey looking cunt, but you gotta feel for him seeing him flattened out like that.

Anyway, I dunno if I’ll ever get sick of seeing things crushed. Simple entertainment at its finest.

Have a great Easter ya wankers!


Ozzy Man