“World’s most identical twins” want to have babies with shared boyfriend

“World’s most identical twins” want to have babies with shared boyfriend

If you’ve seen the Men in Black movies, you’re probably familiar with the bit where they look at the ridiculous sensationalist headlines and reveal they’re the only papers that tell the truth or whatever. Sometimes, we feel like we’re writing those stories here at Ozzy Man Reviews. This one in particular would be right at home in the pages of the News of the World. Two twin sisters who are both dating the same bloke have revealed their plans to get pregnant and have their babies at the same time…

So, er, yeah, figuring out where to start with this one is a f**ken doozy. There’s a lot in it, but we reckon we’re gonna go right back to the beginning. That’s when Ben Byrne met the DeCinque twins. As you’ve no doubt grasped, Anna and Lucy really take this twin thing seriously and when Ben, presumably, started chatting up one of them, he was told that if he was having one he had to have both because they were a ‘package deal.’

Just have a crack at picturing the guy’s face as he tries to play it cool when he realises they’re serious. Batsh*t crazy, obviously, but serious nonetheless. As an aside, you tell us how you’d react to that in the comments of the article…

Anyway, fast forward to the bit where the twins mum is telling them it’s time for babies and it’d be super awesome if they could make it happen at the same time. Now picture the dude’s face when they break that news to him.

While talking about how much they would both like to marry Ben on the Today Show, they revealed their “mum’s actually convincing us to give birth naturally.

The girls are aware of the rigours this places on Ben, though. “It’s going to be another challenge. There’s a lot of pressure on Ben,” they told Today. And when that pressure comes from the girls’ mum, you can only imagine how awkward family dinners are.

Final thought: As we said above, There’s a whole lot going on here, but if this is how the three of them want to live their life, then so be it. Let them be happy. Although, just quietly, run, Ben, f**ken run away as fast as you can!

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