How The Venom Of A Box Jellyfish Stops Your Heart

How The Venom Of A Box Jellyfish Stops Your Heart

Lots of international folks in the Ozzy Man community are always intrigued (and terrified) when it comes to Australian wildlife.

Allow me to introduce you to the Box Jellyfish if you’re not already familiar with these little bastards.

These deadly suckers are primarily found in the Indo-Pacific regions around Northern Australia.

I’ve never come close to one because I’m a big pussy when it comes to swimming in the ocean. I’m very much happy living on the land.

In the video below you’ll see a scientist bloke test how lethal the venom of a Box Jellyfish really is.

If you’re squeamish in regards to medical science back away from the blog now:

I don’t think that toad will be recovering anytime soon unfortunately. It’s having a very, very deep sleep boys and girls.


Any international folk here keen to come over for a swim? Come on. Come on down. Test the waters for me before I take a dip will ya. Cheers.

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