How police are now busting people using their phone while driving

How police are now busting people using their phone while driving

We’re pretty sure we’ve said this before on Ozzy Man Reviews, but when you’re driving, you don’t really have an excuse not to do it safely. Unless you’re in a demolition derby, we guess. If that’s the case, you f**ken go for it. Otherwise, remember that lives are bloody important. Even the Stig drives safely unless he’s wearing his helmet in a special situation, and he always make sure he’s not endangering others. To help with all of this, wear a seatbelt, slow down, don’t drive drunk, and stay off your bloody phone while you’re driving…

Deadset, using your mobile phone while driving is a pretty good way to ensure your GPS is gonna end up saying something like, “In 200 metres, drive head-on into Destination F**ked.” And even if you can’t fathom the risk of hurting yourself or others by texting, checking email, playing games, or even searching for directions on your phone while driving, remember that the cops WILL fine you if they catch you.

If this is you... Credit: BBC News

If this is you… Credit: BBC News

And, er, yeah, nah, before you say the cheeky buggers will never catch you because you’re too smart and your phone’s in your lap, you’d better think again. They’ve got a f**ken plan and it’s working. And I tell you what, it’s a plan that’s almost insulting in its simplicity.

They sit in the top of double-decker buses where they can look down – figuratively and literally – on those of you using your phones while driving. The technique began in the West Midlands in the UK. They’ve already committed to training more police to use this highly advanced technique.

Know that this is what the cops are doing... Credit: BBC News

Know that this is what the cops are doing… Credit: BBC News

Once drivers have been caught on their phones, they’re receiving hefty fines, docking of points, and perhaps worst of all, a VR Video of the potential consequences of using a phone while driving.

PC Mark Hodson said, “Most of the offending is done in their lap, so unless we have a vantage point we can’t actually see if they’re committing the offence or not because we actually have to see the phone.”

So there you have it, hiding your phone in your lap so you can use it when you’re driving is now no longer the perfect crime!

And this might happen to you... Credit: BBC News

And this might happen to you… Credit: BBC News

Final thought: F**ken good on ‘em, I reckon. It’s very easy to write ideas like this off as revenue raising, but at the end of the day, keeping people off their phones when they’re driving will save lives. That’s what it’s all about, really.

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