Heroic Czech sheila distracts thief by performing ‘act’ on him until cops arrive

Heroic Czech sheila distracts thief by performing ‘act’ on him until cops arrive

Let’s not beat around the bush here. This story is basically the premise of a dirty movie come to life. Yeah, nah, deadset, we’d even go so far as to say that if it had a happy ending, it’d be the kind of wet dream a budding young criminal might have. Still, this time, there was to be no payload for the bad guy. The sheila’s plan to do the dirty on the wannabe robber worked a treat. Check it out below…

Whether or not it’s legit news, we’re not a hundred per cent sure, but this one’s too good to pass up. And that, incidentally, is no doubt what the robber thought before the cops caught him.

Credit: Google

Anyway, the whole thing went down at a petrol station in Bratislava, Slovakia. That’s where the robber burst into the servo and began punching a staff member before taking money from the cash register.

From there, he went to the back office where he demanded a staff member open the safe. While another staff member went to open the safe, the ‘mystery’ woman appeared and started to ‘perform a sex-act’ on the robber, making things much harder for him to get off with the money.

Credit: Krimi

In that time, the cops arrived. The cheeky b**tards reckon the robber put up ‘stiff’ resistance, but that ‘coercive’ measures used against him were effective.

We don’t know who the sheila responsible for saving the day is, and there’s some confusion about what exactly’s happened, but cops are investigating. Still, we reckon that she deserves a top sheila award, even if it could turn out to be premature.

Credit: Krimi

The Sun reported that Bratislava Police spokesperson Michal Szeiff said, “In one of the rooms, the officers saw the man receiving sexual services from the young woman.”

They also said that when the police arrived, the woman told police, “Take him, I can’t anymore.”

Final thought: It’s a bloody crazy world. As we said above, this sounds like the premise of a bloody porno. Anyway, let us know whether you reckon it’s truth or bulls**t in the comments section.

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