Guy Finds A Secret Underground Safe House In Russian Factory

Guy Finds A Secret Underground Safe House In Russian Factory

There are a few places that would be simultaneously terrific and terrifying to explore, and one of those places would be Russia. Forget the cold and the bears; the war history of the place is enough to give anyone the chills. Everyone knows the history of Russia is brutal, cold, unforgiving, cold, rough and cold.

Safe House

Well there is a guy name Shiey who does all this exploration so you don’t have to. In his latest little adventure, he has found something quite spectacular. He was walking through the territory of a factory, when he noticed a weird concrete block with a metal gate on the side of it. He of course found a way through and explored every inch of what was inside.

safe house3

What he found was an underground bomb shelter / safe house. The fact that it had electricity was creepy enough, but I think it’s better than looking around only armed with a flashlight. This guy has f*cken guts, I’ll tell you that! It looks like it’s out of a horror film where there is something around every corner.

safe house4

He wandered around filming everything he saw – and he saw everything. Rooms filled with clothes, medical supplies, weapons and all sorts of things. However there is one thing that is noticeably missing – food. If people were to bunker down here, how long could they actually survive?

safe house5

It doesn’t look like a really good bunker if it doesn’t have any food. Which begs the question – what is the bunker for? Maybe it’s a resupply bunker, maybe it’s a secret medical facility. Who knows. The Russians would be surely tight lipped about such things. It’s a fascinating find nevertheless.

safe house6

Check out his visit through the hidden bunker here:

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