The Ethiopian Ritual Where Men Compete To Get As Fat As Possible

The Ethiopian Ritual Where Men Compete To Get As Fat As Possible

Now forgive me, but I thought there was no f*cking food in Ethiopia. When I read that there’s a tribe where the men are competing to get fat, the last place I thought of was Ethiopia. However now I have heard of this competition – it’s definitely one that I can get behind.

Members of the Bodi tribe try to get their waistlines as big as possible over a span of 6 months. 6 months of eating? Sign me right up. But I’ve still got one question; how do they do it in a place like Ethiopia?


Well it turns out that an unmarried man in each family lives in isolation for 6 months and is not allowed to have sex or leave their hut for the entire time. They get fresh milk and cows blood delivered to them daily from the ladies and women in the village.


So wait – you stay in a hut and get delivered food for 6 months, but can’t have sex or leave, and you have to drink cows blood? That’s a no deal from me unfortunately. A hot blooded bloke like myself needs my hanky panky on the reg. I mean it’s the only cardio I get!


There’s also no prize if you do have the biggest waist after the 6 month period – just pride. Women of the tribe find a larger waistline attractive which means I’ll probably be the king of that tribe.

Tribes all over the world have their own weird rituals, and drinking blood and milk in isolation seems pretty tame compared to genital mutilation, bull jumping and fighting to the death.


H/T: Ladbible