Bloke gets physically assaulted for spoiling Endgame outside cinema

Bloke gets physically assaulted for spoiling Endgame outside cinema

You might have heard of a tiny little independent movie seeing release this year called Avengers: Endgame. It’s only a small production, but it’s one that’s highly anticipated by fans, and apparently, it’s got some twists, some turns, and some shocking plot-points that are integral to everyone’s enjoyment. Naturally, people who are paying to see a movie want the plot to unfold naturally and don’t want to know the slightest thing about any of the 14 million realities Dr Strange saw in Infinity War. The price for those who do spoil Endgame? Well, in Hong Kong, it seems to be an arse-kicking.

Now, we’ll put this out there straight up and say that there seems to be a little confusion and debate as to whether this actually happened, but according to reports, a dude in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, got his arse whooped for standing outside the cinema and calling out spoilers.

Credit: LIHKG

If that is true, we’re just going to say that we in no way condone violence.

Of course, while we say it we will be winking at anyone who was involved in said arse-whooping.

As the story goes, the fracas broke out when fans of the Avengers had their movie spoiled by the silly f**ker.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Taiwanese Media reckons those in attendance were ‘fuming’. In Ozzy, that means they were f**ken pissed. Naturally, they decided to do some avenging of their own and went full f**ken Hulk on the dude.

With the proliferation of social media, spoilers are becoming a real issue for people who’ve invested countless hours of time into a book, TV show or film.

It only takes one dickhead to ruin everything. Particularly when the stakes are high in a narrative, a spoiler can really stifle enjoyment, so next time you’re talking about movies that are still high in the public consciousness, just remember not to spoil s**t and to make sure you use the spoiler tags properly.

Credit: Marvel Studios

If you don’t, you just might end up like the dude in today’s story.

Knocked the f**k out!

Final thought: On the subject of spoilers, has anyone else noticed how f**ken full of the b**tards movie trailers are these days? We don’t know about you, but we reckon that even watching a hyped up teaser-trailer is a risky f**ken business. If anyone out there in movie-land is reading this, all you need to put in the trailer is the premise. You don’t need to include anything from the climax or the resolution. That’s just as f**ken silly as spoiling s**t the old-fashioned way.

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