Dave Grohl plays Smells Like Teen Spirit on drums while touring in support of new memoir

Dave Grohl plays Smells Like Teen Spirit on drums while touring in support of new memoir

If you know anything about Dave Grohl, it’s that he’s a well-loved fixture of the rock pantheon. The former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters mastermind has lived his life to the full in the years since Nirvana came to their tragic end, but it’s obvious he’s a reflective person who’s always trying to make the most of everything he has. Now, while touring in support of his latest memoir, the beloved rocker has gotten back behind a kit to bust out an old Nirvana favourite.

Yeah, so, for a bit of that context you love, Dave’s not just a formidable musician and songwriter, he’s also a successful author. Having already written a memoir in the past, he’s been back at it lately, and his latest book, The Storyteller, is now available.

Just as he would for a new album release, Grohl’s been touring to celebrate the launch of the book, and at a recent stop in New York, he performed a few acoustic renditions of Fooeys favourites before hitting the skins and playing along with Smells Like Teen Spirit.

As you’re no doubt aware, it’s still one of those timeless songs that can send a crowd anywhere into raptures. Yeah, nah, if Grohl ever gives this one a bash, it’s going to be a huge event, and it’s always great to see him doing it.

Of course, you can never accuse him of not being a savvy operator. Nevermind, the album Smells Like Teen Spirit came from turns thirty this year, and it’ll see a special re-release to mark the occasion.

Final thought: It’s always interesting to consider just how Nirvana would have evolved if they’d remained together and had continued into the future. Would they have been one of those timeless bands like Metallica and The Rolling Stones or would they have called it quits. Let us know what you reckon in the comments section.

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