Chris Evans sends message to heroic six-year-old who saved sister from dog attack

Credit: Twitter/BrandonDavisBD

Chris Evans sends message to heroic six-year-old who saved sister from dog attack

If you’ve been following the viral news over the last few days, you’ll be aware of the story about the heroic-as-f**k six-year-old who selflessly saved his sister from a dog attack, copping a few nasty bites in the process. That kid was Bridger, and the story is kinda remarkable. Bridger himself ended up with some hardcore f**ken stitches, and he’s bound to cop a nasty scar. In the aftermath of that, Captain America star Chris Evans has sent him a message.

Yeah, nah, this is the kinda wholesome s**t we love here at Ozzy Man Reviews. Bridger’s story is pretty f**ken remarkable. We’ll let Nicole Walker, his Aunt, tell it, but if this isn’t a f**ken hero in the making we don’t know what is…

“On July 9th, my six year old nephew Bridger saved his little sister’s life by standing between her and a charging dog. After getting bit several times on the face and head, he grabbed his sister’s hand and ran with her to keep her safe.”

In her Instagram post, she tagged the actors behind his favourite Marvel movies and asked them to send him words of praise and encouragement while he was recovering from the 90 f**ken stitches he needed.

Needless to say, word got through, and Chris Evans has f**ken delivered:

Credit: Twitter/BrandonDavisBD

“Bridger, Captain America here. How you doing, buddy?” he says, “I read your story and saw what you did, and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of this over the last couple of days, but let be me the next one to tell you, Pal, you’re a hero! What you did was so brave, so selfless, your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you.”

That’s not all. We’re not gonna give you the whole thing, because that defeats the point of the video, but you need to see this bit. Evans goes on to say, “I’m gonna track down your address, and I’m gonna send you an authentic Captain America shield because, Pal, you deserve it. Keep being the man you are. We need people like you!”

Credit: Twitter/BrandonDavisBD

How f**ken mintox is that.

Final thought: Seriously, top effort to Evans, but there’s no doubt the real hero of the piece is Bridger. What a f**ken champ! Anyway, we can’t match an authentic Cap shield, but we’ve got a top bloke award for him all the same. Good s**t, Bridger. Good s**t!

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